"What really 'knocks off' my socks are two new features:

1. bar code scanning of inventory, music library, and uniforms, and
2. extensive global email functions

It is simply amazing to see how powerful bar code scanning can be once you have put official tags on instruments and their cases. The global email capabilities can significantly speed up communication with parents and students."

John Kuzmich
SBO Magazine

"WinBand [and WinChoir] is an easy-to-use set of pre-defined databases for sorting and tracking all band activities. For Band Directors who have struggled setting up their own databases to track all items (and never got around to finishing the job) or for those thinking about computerizing their record keeping, strong consideration should be given to this program."

BD Guide


WinChoir© 5.0 is so easy to use that all you have to do is point and click! All screens are designed to be "user friendly" and readily accessible for those of limited computer experience.

There are many advanced features and "shortcut keys" incorporated to help you navigate quickly from one screen to the next.

All the tedious work required to make other databases meet your needs is already done for you! There are pre-formatted reports and labels for just about any aspect of your music program. Data can be sorted in various ways before printing, making access to data efficient and precise.

New in version 4 and beyond is the addition of Bar Code Scanning and Email functions. These two items alone will save you untold hours when doing inventory and contacting students.

New in version 5 and beyond is the ability to use the program in a network, plus many other new features.

You can learn to use the program very quickly and easily. Help screens are available at almost every turn. It's even easy enough for students to help you enter data!

Here's what the programs can do for you!

  • New in version 5 and beyond
    Either single user of fully networkable versions
    Export data to spreadsheet, word processor, and mail merge
    Associate picture files to Student's Information, Uniforms and Inventory
    Associate sound files to Music Library
    Additional new fields in Student Information and Uniforms
    Launch newly available Texas UIL FormsMaster 3.0 (purchased separately) directly from WinBand/WinChoir
    Plus all the great features of WinBand/WinChoir 4.0 including bar coding, email functions, and pre-formatted reports and labels
  • New in version 4 and Beyond
    Extensive global email functions
    Bar Code scanning of Inventory, Music Library and Uniforms
  • Complete Student, Parent and Booster Records with Dozens of Reports
  • Point-and-click Attendance Tracking
  • Merit and Quality Point Tabulation
  • Individual Fundraising Accounts with Automatic Profit Tabulation & Totals
  • Money Owed to Your Program with Memo for Each Entry
  • Grade Tabulation for each Six or Nine Week Grading Period with Adjustable Weighting for All Grades
  • Quick End-of-Year Checkout on Return of Equipment, Uniforms and Money Owed
  • Complete Music Library Information, including Pre-Programmed Music Publisher Information, Reports and Envelope Labels
  • Equipment Inventory with District Fields
  • Uniform Inventory and Matching by Size
  • Financial Accounting for School, Agency and Booster Accounts
  • Pre-formatted and User Definable Reports and Labels for All Screens
  • All Data Entries Automatically Linked and Tabulated - Automatic Backup of Data Files
  • File Merging with Other WinBand© and WinChoir© Users for Overall District Use
  • Phone Log and .txt File Imports/Exports
  • Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98 and 2000 Compatible

System Requirements:

  • Pentium 166 processor or higher
  • 32+ MB RAM
  • Microsoft® Windows® 95 or higher, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit) and Windows 7 (32 bit)
  • 20+ MB hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Video card that supports greater than 256 colors
  • Color monitor
  • Laser or inkjet printer
  • Mouse
  • While Macintosh® versions are not available, programs may run on multi-platform PowerMacs® and the G3/G4.

Screen Shots

See our WinBand© page for screenshots! Click here!