"What really 'knocks off' my socks are two new features:

1. bar code scanning of inventory, music library, and uniforms, and
2. extensive global email functions

It is simply amazing to see how powerful bar code scanning can be once you have put official tags on instruments and their cases. The global email capabilities can significantly speed up communication with parents and students."

John Kuzmich
SBO Magazine

"WinBand [and WinChoir] is an easy-to-use set of pre-defined databases for sorting and tracking all band activities. For Band Directors who have struggled setting up their own databases to track all items (and never got around to finishing the job) or for those thinking about computerizing their record keeping, strong consideration should be given to this program."

BD Guide

Technical Support

This page is for Technical Support. If you have a general comment or question, please use our General Contact Form. If you want to order one of our programs, please use our Order Form.

Technical Support is handled through this page or through email. Providing technical support through email has proven to be the most time efficient and exact way of answering questions without having to charge our customers. Phone support is not available because the company is run by a full-time music educator. As you know, personal business calls cannot be accepted during school hours.

Please read the following tips which have been taken from previously received support requests:

  1. Check the News and Updates page for periodic maintenance upgrades.

  2. Make sure you are familiar with the basic operation of your computer and the Windows® operating system. Ask one of your students for help if you don′t understand!

  3. Read the Help Files! 90% of the time, technical support answers are found in the help section of the program.

  4. Try Reinstalling the Program from CD. Sometimes when files become corrupted for unexplained reasons, a reinstall may fix the problem. All your data will be preserved.

  5. Save your Authorization Code and Password! Keep them in a safe and secure place of course. Don′t forget to leave these for the new director if you ever move to another school. The new director will be appreciative!

  6. Remember: LBG Enterprises cannot be responsible for conflicts with other software you may be using, or for hardware that may be incompatible with our programs. While most standard products work just fine, sometimes changes are made which produce unpredictable results. Liability for our programs is limited to correct functionality. We suggest backing up your data routinely in case your computer ever crashes or malfunctions. We will replace a defective CD at no cost. However, we do not offer refunds on software.

  7. Remember: Technical support is done by email. Responses are usually given by the next day. You may be asked for additional information before the problem can be resolved.

When asking for technical support, please give the program and version of the software you are asking about, and please describe the problem in detail with a list of the actions taken which caused the problem. Your place of purchase may be requested.

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